Welcome to Prof Rjendra singh senior Secondary School

The school has been founded in the cherish memory of Prof. Rajendra Singh, a reputed Physicist and an eminent teacher of Aligarh Muslim University, under the banner of Prof. Rajendra Singh memorial society, formed by few well educated and experienced Personalities at Firozabad. One of the aims of the society is to provide quality education to the new generation..
Over the several years Prof. Rajendra Singh Senior Secondary School has reached unparallel heights of success. Prof. Rajendra Singh Senior Secondary School has become a well-known name through out the length and breadth of North India in every session. We are resting on the pillars of excellence, experience, innovation, commitment and always we try to make a such type of environment so that student's dream can easily be converted into a breath taking reality.
Our school teaching is profession-based teaching. We are highly dedicated towards professional improvement of our school students. Our professional teaching has international standard and is attracting many students due to its intelligent profile, social status and exceptional financial returns. Working with sophisticated equipments, making decisions and interpretations as well as planning requires alertness every moment, it also attracts many such students who consider a noble profession. We are providing a career choice based teaching from class VIII. Due to this reason our teaching is Vital.
It was the visionary zeal of our founder Managing Director Dr. R.P. Singh who led to the setting up of the first brick of the school, which was the precursor of Prof. Rajendra Singh Senior Secondary School.
The teachers at Prof. Raendra Singh Sr. Sec. (Residential) School are specialists in their subjects, they feel that
success is not the exclusive domain of chosen few. In fact, every student has the potential to succeed and that needs to be brought up to the surface through the sustained hard work of the student with appropriate guidance.

The School campus is protected by ahigh compound wall and with 24 hours observation of guards. The School beautified with variety of trees and flowering plants. It has sufficient airy spacious and well furnished 40 classroom library facilities. For the physical fitness of the students, there isa playground for different games.

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From the Director’s Desk

I, the Director of the acadamy, convey my heartiest greetings with great dignity to all of you on your entry in the premises of Prof. Rajendra Singh Senior Secondary School. As our motto is “Striving for excellenée”. We at Prof. Rajendra Singh Senior Secondary School strive to respect the unique individuality of each child, give the child right kind of help.
I always try my level best to make the academy a centre of academic excellence forever with the cooperation of my fully committed, hard-working, faithful, sincere and dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff members. I promise and ensure all the parents to look after, protect and grow up their children in the academy in such a way that success will always kiss their feet. Our academy is the best platform for ambitious students who have a Strong desire to get success at any cost in their life.

We take care of your wards as parents. Therefore, your children are safe in the academy as at home. Our academy is your
child’s second home. We always develop as sense of optimism in the minds of the students so that they can fulfil their aims in life positively.

As there is no limit of knowledge, sky is the limit of us. We lead the students from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge. We understand the value of pen which is mightier than any sword. Hence, their knowledge is power. We empower our students with knowledge for life time because the treasure of knowledge can never be stolen by anyone. So, it is having morevalue than anything else in our life. We always encourage our students to get more and more knowledge as it is a never-ending process. It continues from birth up to death. The moment we stop learning stop winning from that very moment of life. There is no any doubt in the fact that education is the life time investment which always goes in profit and ensures a bright future of our and your dear children.

We do not give any place and importance to cramming, rather, We always encourage the students to have deep understanding of the subject matter. We take utmost care in finishing the syllabus of every subject well in time in order to give proper and sufficient time to the students for revision and recapitulation.

We are always very vigilant for discipline, we do not tolerate anybody breaching discipline in the academy. we always motivate our students to be disciplined always and obey the rules and regulations of the school.

Our academyis the epitome of creativity of the students and teachers. We are never afraid of trying new thing in our life.
There is no any question of the compromise in the quality of education in our institution. Always impartial and fair judgement, without any type of discrimination, is observed in the school.

Finally, I pray to Lord for the well being prosperity, long, successful and happy life of all the students, parents, staff members and all those persons who are associated with Prof. Rajendra Singh Senior Secondary School in any way.


From the Principal’s Desk

We are academy with a difference. We value individualism, creativity, and innovation and strive to nurture these qualities in our students. The academy’s genuine concern ensures student’s emotional growth along with intellectual excellence. This empowers them to develop their self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-confidence, Sharing ideas, analyzing situations and expressing them confidently are essential skills which are honed here, through experiential experiential learning.

We believe in giving our students strong values along with a set of wings that may carry them far and wide. In other words, our students are equipped to face the challenges of the rapidly changing world. Our pedagogy is child-centric with an emphasis on inquiry and project-based learning. We treasure dynamism and deem that one should be well prepared to adapt to the global scenario and work on his learning accordingly. This is perhaps why we have introduced a globally advanced curriculum. Besides rigorous scholastic programs, we seek to develop and nurture the different facts of a child from academics to dance, music, and a variety of sports, we focus on developing both, the mental and the physical abilities of students. The activities provide holistic grooming to the student where in the child is able to explore his true potential. Besides the usual procedural teaching, we persistently upgrade and update our teaching tools and techniques. From interactive teaching methods to a healthy teacher-student relationship, We work around making studies as effortless as possible.

Today’s India is an empowered, enlightened and enterprising nation. We wish to make it even more powerful with conscientious, smart and confident citizens who would make us proud of their multifaceted growth.

Finally, I want to assure you that the management and our team of experienced teachers are doing their best to give your child the required edge to make his / her mark in the global world.



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The School campus is protected by a high compound wall and with 24 hours observation of guards. The School campus has been beautified with a variety of trees and flowering plants. It has sufficient airy spacious and well-furnished 40 classrooms with lab and library facilities. For the physical fitness of the students, there is a playground for different games.

Hi-Tech Class Rooms

Prof. Rajendra Singh Senior Secondary School, Provides computers, TV Projector & Slides in Classrooms. Broadband Internet Connection will be available in each classroom. Teachers will use advanced software to teach all subjects from PG to XII.

Teaching Methodology

(a) Much care has been taken in designing our study programs through micro level and macro level analysis of our Students and special care is given to the students who may not be coping with their academic performance.
(b) Extensive research based study material is provided by the authors of well known text books and updated from time to time by o ur think tank.
(c) 8 am to 8 pm Library hour, full of an exclusive collection of books.(d) We update our curriculum and teaching methodologies as per the new pattern and provide the necessary guidance required for the students.
(e) For Xth Board appearing students, XIth syllabus will commence from 1st week of April, The entire XIth Syllabus will be
completed by the month of October, and then a revision test series covering the entire syllabus of class XI will be scheduled before the commencement of the Next academic session. In this period students will be thoroughly preparing for their XI final examination as well various competitive examinations.

Prof. R. S. Sr. Sec. School's Teaching Methodology

Competitive Classes

(a) We provide extra coaching facilities for the Sainik School entrance test for the classes classes V to VIII.
(b) We also provide coaching facilities for all the competitive exams based on 10+2 syllabus like NEET, IIT-JEE, NDA under the guidance of expert faculty


The Library in Prof. Rajendra Singh Senior Secondary School is a treasure trove of knowledge which has a vast and comprehensive collection of books in all the respective and relevant subjects. The books are made available as and when required by the students as per the rules and regulations of library. For hostel students, the library is open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.


The essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well. Prof. Rajendra Singh Senior Secondary School Lays special emphasis on sports activities. Sports can be Instrumental in distressing the minds of children and help in good physical development of the bodies. We encourage every child at Prof. Rajendra Singh Senior Secondary School to participate in games of his / her choice to develop the thrill of adventure, spirit to win, to learn, to accept defeat and to rise and fight again. We believe that children having true sportsmanship developed into fine leaders of the future. Ahealthy mind resides in a healthy body and this can be achieved by means of sports. We encourage our students to participate wholeheartedly in a sporting activity enabling them to learn about the importance of team work, fair play and to imbibe a positive approach towards life.

Extra Curricular Activies

We provide congenial atmosphere for students to hone their skills in the art of public speaking like debate, speech competition, quiz contest, poem recitation, drawing & painting contest & making creative things using common house hold articles and waste products.


After a rigrous academic session, spending some moments in leisure activities rejuvenates the mind as well as the soul of the students. Students are provided with opt ambience and equipment to exercise their skill. Seasoned and talented faculty in Hindustani vocal and Western music help children to satiate their appetite for music Children also enjoy learning Indian classical and western dances. Their soul stirring public performance are worth watching.


An individual with a progressive mind and good communication skill is a boon to the society. Keeping this in mind, the school organizes inter class and inter house competition to bring the students out of their cocoons and they are able to express their thoughts with eloquence and poise, thus doubling their confidence.


School also organizes educational tour for children to places of historical and religious importance in order to revive interest in our cultural heritage. It also inculcates the spirit of adventure among students which in turn strengthens them to face the challenges of life.


Student's marketing skills, entrepreneur qualities and culinary skills are developed through ANNUAL FETE, where students participate and sell various food stuffs to their friends, parents, teachers and other guests


We believe in sound mind in a sound body. So we give regular Yoga classes to all the students for their good health.


In the fast growing competitive world, education is most important factor to get success in every Field of life. So our aim is to mould the children to reach their destination through their wit wisdom. The bookish knowledge is not enough for the modern age. So we emphasis on technical education in computer science as well. Through education our aim is to give best academic standard and multifarious opportunities for all round personality development of the students. To mould the students in above referred manner, dedicated, trained and well experienced teachers are available to guide them

Smart and Study

This idea runs through each faculty member and so they work incessantly towards planning and implementing good food habits among children. Afood chart is prepared advising the parents to provide them possible nourishment. Drill and exercise are a part of the regular curriculum.
Physical activities like rope climbing, playing in sand, riding the tricycles, mountain climbing, motor skills and meditation help them grow both healthy and strong, Frequent medical checkup give the required directions to parents as well as teacher

Fostering Personality Development

At Prof. Rajendra Singh Senior Secondary School it is believed that teaching kids one plus one is not enough. They should be taught moral and ethical values and above all venerating our cultural heritage. Anniversaries of great social reformers are celebrated along with other important days to give kids an insight into their lives. Festivals are celebrated in more signifcance. A morning assembly by students with folded hands and closed eyes remembering the almighty by reciting "Gayatri Mantra ... "is worth admiring. Guru Mantra is very essential to get success in life.

Stimulating Activities and Mesmerizing performance

To keep the tiny tots active and agile all through the year for various activities are organized. Tiny Tots look vibrant and enthusiastic on the Annual Days and this serves the purpose. Their appearance, on stage, performing their role, facing the light and the audience with gusto is the essence of all effort. Every thing is possible in this world and our Students can convert impossible into possible by doing the same thing through great ways and burning desire.

A Great Place to Grow